Skiing and Fitness Standards

We ask for a basic standard of skiing and fitness for all our skiing courses. This is to ensure that our clients have the best possible experience and are not overly affected by fatigue affecting their safety, enjoyment and learning on their course and importantly, that they are never in the position where they feel they are holding up others. We offer the following advice…

Skiing Standards

Performance courses and Individual coaching days

We would expect you to be able to at least perform a plough parallel and be comfortable skiing linked turns down a red run.

Nevis4 Team in Champoluc

Introduction to Backcountry in Scotland and Abroad

We would expect you to be able to perform a basic parallel turn and be comfortable skiing linked turns down a red run and be able to tackle the occasional black run with stops.

If you are unsure of your level please contact us, we can arrange to see you ski at an artificial slope, watch a video of you skiing or take a recommendation from another coach or instructor. We will advise you honestly and won’t give you a hard sell.

Fitness standards

Performance courses and individual coaching days.

You should be fit enough to ski for 6 hours a day at a fairly high tempo with a short break for Lunch for the duration of the course

You will be a gym goer, cyclist, runner or swimmer for at least 3 days a week performing aerobic activity, classes and light weights.

Andrena and Kenny

Introduction to Backcountry Scotland, Backcountry Abroad, Journeying days, Icelandic trips and Zero to Hero

We would expect a slightly higher standard of fitness from clients on these courses. Clients must be able to skin for up to 1000m a day. As a guide, in order to achieve this, you will already be able to climb or walk up a munro within the guide book time, be a regular runner of 10k distance or more, a regular swimmer or a cyclist. If attending a Zero to Hero course we would expect you to be hill fit.